Catalogue Raisonné


Untitled (S.S. President Van Buren), 1940
Sand-blasted glass
Dimensions unknown
Whereabouts Unknown
Daily Press (Newport News). "Artists Selected to Decorate Ships Being Built Here." August 11, 1940, not illus. but mentioned in text as having been awarded commission
The New York Times. "Awards Are Made for Art on 3 Ships: Winners Chosen to Decorate the Presidents Garfield, Adams and Van Buren." August 12, 1940, p. 31, mentioned in text, not illus.
Hinkle, Karl. ''Artist Must Bridge Gap Between Artists and Public: Guston Expresses Sentiment of Today's Young American Painter." Daily Iowan, October 9, 1941, p. 4, mentioned in text, not illus.